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Open House & Resource Mobilization Event

Successful Elections, Smooth Transition & Sustaining Goverance Reforms!

October 27-28, 2016

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About the Open House Event

The Governance Commission (GC), has successfully held a two day (Oct. 27-28) “Open House and Resource Mobilization Event” aimed at strengthening and mobilizing resources in support of the transition process. The Commission's five (5) key mandate areas include but are not limited to;

National Intergity Systems

The establishment and development of formal policy to engage and foster civil societies participation in governance.

Political & Legal Reform

Reaffirming and strengthening democratic ideals that inspired the establishment of the Liberian state.

Public Sector Reform

Formulation and development of appropriate policy to promote andensure effective management of public agenda.

Monitoring Evaluation Research and Publication

The Collection, Organization, and Desimination of relevant information about ongoing reform in Republic of Liberia.

Civic Education & National Visioning

Formulating Policy that will help with the civil education process. National Identity and Nationhood.

Focusing on the Issues that Matter Most

“Liberia is nearing a key junction in its post-conflict transformation. While much has been accomplished since the cessation of hostilities, the next few years will be critical. New presidential and legislative elections, transition, security sector reform accelerated by the significant reduction of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) and the completion of the de-concentration and internal boundary harmonization phases of decentralization are but a few of the numerous governance challenges that lie ahead.”

Key Highlights From the Event

Strengthened Collaboration

Ministries, Agencies and Commissions (MACs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) expressed deep interest in collorating with the Governance Commission.

Wider Visibility of GC Work

The Open House provided an opportunity for our partners to see and understand the achievements of the GC and work we are currently involved in.

Fostering Partnership with the Private Sector

Members of the private sector who attended the Open House were thrilled to have been invited to the event and given the opportunity to learn about the work of the Commission and the importance of maintaining a robust public private partnership.

Broaden Support Base

The Open House Event brought together a wide range of potential as well as current development partners. The event enabled the Commission to share its work on the Joint Work Plan (2016-2018) on strengthening "Liberia's Democratic, Stability, Peace and Governance Reform." The partners expressed support in helping GC attain the objectives of the JWP.

The Governance Commission's new five-year Strategic Plan (2016-2021) focuses on result-based programming aimed at successfully delivering outcomes through effective collaboration across its five mandate areas and maximization of resources (financial, technical and human).

The Way Forward

Smooth Transition

Liberia in a political transition (2017).

Security Reform

Reinforcing security in the post- UNMIL era of Liberia.


Strengthening reconciliation and common citizenship amongst the people of Liberia.

Human Resource Development

Enhancing Liberian economic empowerment, including youth employment. Improving economic governance, especially governance of natural resources.

Goverance Commission
Open House Event
October 27-28, 2016

In the first two years, the GC will place immediate priority on consolidating the gains of current reform initiatives, enhancing security through community policing, reinforcing reconciliation, carefully preparing for and successfully holding the 2017 elections.

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